Just one link

Gathered is an online home for your brand guidelines. It is a one stop portal for anyone permitted to access your brand elements. All you do is send them a link and they have everything they need in one place. No hassle for you.

Always up to date

Whenever you send anyone the link to your Gathered guidelines you will be safe in the knowledge that they will be seeing the very latest styling and assets. Say goodbye to ‘version 2.2.6’, say hello to Gathered.

Your whole brand

Forget having a separate document for print and then another for digital. We bring all aspects of your brand guidelines together in one place, whether they are print, digital, video or even instructions on how to make the next viral GIF.

Let’s talk about

We’ve seen hundreds of brand guidelines over the years - of all shapes and sizes, for businesses in every genre, printed and on pdf.

The reality is when it comes to working with them they are either vague, too complex or too restricting. A 6 page pdf can give you a very basic understanding of logo, typeface and colour but not much else.

We understand the frustration having worked in the design and branding industry for many years - we decided to come up with a better way for brand owners to keep a helpful hand on their brand and it’s elements.

We created Gathered, a flexible platform with space to tell your brand story and have everything you and your partners need in one place.

Share with ease

Easily share your guidelines with anyone by sending them your personalised link. Want more control? Simply limit access to a trusted few by enabling password protection.

Update anytime

Keep your guidelines up to date by adding or removing content at any time. This ensures anyone using the guidelines always has the current assets and styles.

Custom design

Designed to be as simple or in depth as you require. Create a home for your brand story to educate those unfamiliar with your company.

Save time & money

Forget expensive costs to supply assets, with Gathered it’s all built in. Your content can be downloaded straight from the guidelines.

But what does it look like?

Simply put, Gathered looks like your brand. We build your guide using any styling and guidelines you may have so that it is instantly recognisable as belonging to your brand world.

We structure each Gathered Guide into 4 sections:




This page is your first introduction to the platform, it contains instructions on how to get the most out of the guidelines and features links to all the various sections of the site.


Here you can include all the do and don'ts of your brand. Plus the simple side menu allows easy navigation between the different sections of your guidelines.


We know how important it is for those working with the guidelines to understand the context of their work. The brand section allows you to tell the brand story.


The showcase displays the guidelines in action - featuring a selection of work that highlights how the guidelines have been implemented in real-world products and situations.
view example

I want it, what happens next?

Get in touch! We would love to discuss the next steps with you, simply give us a call or use the contact form to send us a note.

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